When you read I hope you feel awestruck – that’s how this makes me feel

See, my life is not about luck or anything I did right, it’s about something that happened way before time began

God had a plan and that plan included me

I’ve belonged to Jesus since the beginning, since before I even existed,

I belong to Jesus,


I am radically loved by God

Belonging isn’t about ownership, being a possession,

I am an obsession of God!

He loves me passionately, he knows everything about me and he still loves me

He gives me an identity – a child of God

I’m getting rid of me, now I belong to the Lord who called me into his family

You know how it is when you long to belong but have been on the outside for so long that you’re not really sure where you fit in?

But I don’t need to worry, God rescued me,

He’s in it with me to protect and shield me

It doesn’t matter who doesn’t like me or didn’t think I was worth it, because God loves me and tells me I’m worth it

No-one has power over my heart for my heart belongs to Jesus

And I’ve learned that no-one can make me feel inferior without my consent, and I don’t give my consent

No I don’t give consent anymore, because God has shown me that I’m better than that and he alone is the reason I have hope for my future, he alone is my purpose, my goal, through his death on the Cross he made me whole

In my surrender I am free

He’s helped me see that love prevails, love conquers all fear and pain.

The path I have trodden not wasted and those I have hated need my forgiveness,

I am fearless when in his arms, I can defeat any enemy

I claim victory because he saw the best in me, ignored the mess I made of the chances he gave to me

When I came to him he forgave me, no questions asked, no hesitation or “maybes”

He took my brokenness in his stride, he opened his arms wide to me

I am becoming me, the me he wants me to be, the me who is free from the chains that once held me,

The battle no longer mine, the battle of my mind is in God’s hands who commands heaven and earth, through my rebirth he has saved me and jealously fights for me.

Ask, seek and knock.  I was reflecting on prayer and knocking on the door the other day.  What kind of a “knocker” are you.  It made me think a bit more about my prayer life…am I persistent in prayer?


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