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My name is Lindsay .

I’ve been happily married for 35 years and have 5 grown children and one grandchild.

Growing up I was lonely and troubled in my sexual and gender identity. This resulted in sexual promiscuity with men….and eventually women on whom I became emotionally dependent.

In my early twenties amidst the relationship disaster zone of my life….I heard about Jesus’s salvation and said yes to it all…eager to belong to God and change. But I was unable to connect fully with His love and though I was very active and verbal in the church setting  I still struggled  with dependent relationships, feeling disconnected and thinking I still needed someone to “complete” me.

After 11 years of being saved I got married to a great man and we were very happy but I was aware that a deep aching need rumbled on inside…and erupted from time to time.

Inevitably this led to a crisis where I knew I needed help.

Remarkable insight and wise counselling came my way from someone who understood the deep roots of homosexuality. I learned SO much and eventually after much emotional work became free from the lies I had believed.  Gradually the reality and depth of God’s love dawned on me and I stepped into the security and acceptance I had yearned for all my life.

This changed all my relationships. I just wish I had known earlier.

My heart’s desire now is to help others into that place of true freedom because Jesus made a way for us to live in a permanent relationship of love and security with the Father. 


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